RegExpMatchList Constructor (ICollection)C# API
Initializes a new instance of the RegExpMatchList class that contains elements copied from the specified ICollection and that has the same initial capacity as the number of elements copied.

Namespace: Facilita.Native
Assembly: clrNativeWrapper (in clrNativeWrapper.dll) Version: (

public RegExpMatchList(
	ICollection c


Type: System.Collections ICollection
The ICollection whose elements are copied to the new list.

System ArgumentNullExceptionc is null.

The capacity of an RegExpMatchList is the number of elements that the RegExpMatchList can hold. As elements are added to an RegExpMatchList, the capacity is automatically increased as required by reallocating the internal array.

If the size of the collection can be estimated, specifying the initial capacity eliminates the need to perform a number of resizing operations while adding elements to the RegExpMatchList.

The elements are copied onto the RegExpMatchList in the same order they are read by the IEnumerator of the ICollection.

This constructor is an O(n) operation, where n is the number of elements in c.

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