Request Send Method C# API
Sends this request and any sub-requests to the web server, and waits for all the responses to be served.

Namespace: Facilita.Web
Assembly: clrWebBrowser (in clrWebBrowser.dll) Version: (

public Response Send()

Return Value

A Response object that describes the HTTP response from the server, including any sub-responses.

The top-level request is sent first. Once the server has responded, a list of sub-requests is compiled. This list is made up of:

The following example demonstrates sending a Request.
Url url1 = new Url(protocol1, localhost, "/");
Request request1 = Browser.CreateRequest(HttpMethod.GET, url1, 1);
request1.AddSubRequest(protocol1, localhost, "/Themes/TestPlant/Content/images/orange_button_bg.gif");
Response response1 = request1.Send();
In this example, eggPlant Performance will first make an HTTP GET request to the url specified by url1 (http://localhost/). Once the server responds, eggPlant Performance will parse the HTML in the response, looking for additional resources that need to be downloaded (such as images, stylesheets or javascript files). These resources will be requested from the server. In addition, the sub-request that has been explicitly added using AddSubRequest(Url) (http://localhost/Themes/TestPlant/Content/images/orange_button_bg.gif) will also be requested from the server.
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