WebBrowserVirtualUser GetProtocol Method C# API
Gets a Protocol by looking up a string in this Virtual User's data dictionary.

Namespace: Facilita.Web
Assembly: clrWebBrowser (in clrWebBrowser.dll) Version: (

public virtual Protocol GetProtocol(
	string key,
	string defaultValue


Type: System String
The key to look for in the data dictionary.
Type: System String
The default value to use if the specified key does not exist in this Virtual User's data dictionary.

Return Value

The Protocol, or a Protocol relating to the defaultValue parameter.

The following example demonstrates looking for a protocol in a Virtual User's data dictionary.
// Look in the data dictionary for the key "protocol1". If this key doesn't exist, then default to Protocol.HTTP
Protocol protocol1 = GetProtocol("protocol1", "http");
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