WebSocketMessage Extract Method (ExtractionCursor, String, String, String)C# API
Extracts text from the message content - everything between (but not including) the specified before and after string objects - returning the defaultValue if they cannot be found, and specifying whether the search will be case-sensitive.

Namespace: Facilita.Web
Assembly: clrWebBrowser (in clrWebBrowser.dll) Version: (

public string Extract(
	ExtractionCursor cursor,
	string before,
	string after,
	string defaultValue


Type: Facilita.Native ExtractionCursor
An ExtractionCursor object to store the success/failure of the action, and the index in the message at which the match was found.
Type: System String
This text is searched for in the message content, and the returned string starts immediately after this text occurs in the content.
Type: System String
This text is searched for in the message content after the before text has been found, and the returned string ends immediately before this text occurs in the content.
Type: System String
The value to return if either the before or after text cannot be found.

Return Value

The extracted text, or defaultValue if the extract failed.

Information about the success/failure of this method will be stored in the ExtractionCursor object passed.

Note Note
The search is case-sensitive.


The following example demonstrates extracting text from a message.
ExtractionCursor cursor = new ExtractionCursor();

// extract the value from the json, defaulting to "Joe Jones" if the value cannot be found 
// {"value":"Joe Smith"} 
string extractedText = webSocketMessage.Extract(
                        "Joe Jones",

if (cursor.Succeeded)
    WriteMessage(string.Format("The value {0} was found at position {1}", extractedText, cursor.Index));
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