WebSocket SendMessageFromFile Method (String, Boolean, Int32)C# API
Send a message to the server, by loading the message data from a file.

Namespace: Facilita.Web
Assembly: clrWebBrowser (in clrWebBrowser.dll) Version: (

public void SendMessageFromFile(
	string path,
	bool isBinary,
	int chunkSize


Type: System String
The path of the filename, relative to the Virtual User's data directory.
Type: System Boolean
If set to true, then the message will be flagged as binary data. Otherwise, it will be flagged as text.
Type: System Int32
The number of bytes to send at a time.

The WebSocket must be opened, by calling the Open  method, before any messages can be sent to the server.

Note Note
If you are using this method in your script, make sure that the file containing the data is in the data/Files directory within your project.

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