StringUtils MethodsC# API
The StringUtils type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberConcatString
Concatenates a string array into a single string, using the token parameter as a separator.
Public methodStatic memberExpandEnvironmentVariables
Expands any environment variables in the specified text.
Public methodStatic memberFindInbetween
Searches for two strings in text and returns the text between them, or an empty string if the patterns could not be matched.
Public methodStatic memberHexToBinary
Returns a byte array containing the values of a sequence of hexadecimal numbers in the hex string parameter.
Public methodStatic memberHexToString
Returns a hexadecimal string representation of the byte values in the hex parameter.
Public methodStatic memberSimplifyWhitespace
Replaces one or more consecutive white space characters by a single space character, and trims white space from each end of a string.
Public methodStatic memberSplitString
Splits a string based upon any character in the specified token.
Public methodStatic memberSplitStringExcel
Splits a string using Microsoft Excel-style quoting.
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