Facilita.Fc.Runtime NamespaceC# API
Contains classes for controlling Virtual Users within a test run.

Public classMetric
Represents a user-defined metric that can be recorded by eggPlant Performance.
Public classMetricCollection
The MetricCollection class allows multiple metrics to be recorded as a single entry in the event log with a common timestamp.
Public classSharedData
Provides functionality for communication with the Shared Data Server.
Public classTransactionData
Provides data about a particular transaction.
Public classVirtualUser
Represents a single Virtual User.
Public classVirtualUserScript
The VirtualUserScript class is the base class of all eggPlant Performance Script classes. All other Virtual User types are specializations of this class.

Public interfaceIDataDictionary
Represents a collection of name/value pairs.
Public interfaceIDataTable
The IDataTable interface provides script functionality to allow direct control over a named Data Table by a Virtual User.

Public enumerationActionType
Describes various actions that can be taken in the event of an error.