Facilita.Web NamespaceC# API
eggPlant Performance Web API

Public classCachedResponse
Represents an HTTP response that has been cached by the WebBrowser.
Public classCoder
Provides static methods for encoding and decoding string data. For more information about percent-encoding, refer to OnlineRFC 3986.
Public classConcurrentRequestSender
Provides methods for sending multiple Request objects to the web server concurrently.
Public classFileElement
Represents an InputElement which is a file select control.
Public classForm
Represents an HTML form.
Public classHtmlElement
Represents an HTML element within an HTML form.
Public classHttpMethod
Describes an HTTP method.
Public classHttpStatus
Represents an HTTP status code.
Public classImageButtonElement
Represents an InputElement which is an image.
Public classInputElement
Represents an HTML input element within an HTML form.
Public classNameValuePair
Represents a name/value pair of string objects.
Public classOffsetEditSequence
Objects of this class contains a sequence of one or more edit instructions. Each instruction in turn replaces data at a particular offset in a string.
Public classOptionElement
Represents an HTML option element within an HTML form.
Public classProtocol
Represents an internet protocol.
Public classQueryData
Represents the query string of a Url as a sequence of name/value pairs.
Public classRequest
Describes an HTTP request.
Public classResponse
Describes an HTTP response returned by a web server. When a Request is sent to the server, then a corresponding Response object will be generated.
Public classSelectElement
Represents an HTML select element within an HTML form.
Public classTextAreaElement
Represents an HTML textarea element within an HTML form.
Public classUrl
Represents a URL, specified by a protocol, optional credentials, host, port, path, optional query data, and optional reference.
Public classWebBrowser
The WebBrowser class is the starting point for sending web requests. It can be used to create Request objects to send to a web server (using the CreateRequest(HttpMethod, Url) method).
Public classWebBrowserScript
Represents a Web C# Virtual User Script.
Public classWebBrowserVirtualUser
Represents a Web C# Virtual User.
Public classWebSocket
Represents a WebSocket
Public classWebSocketClosedEventArgs
Provides data for the Closed event.
Public classWebSocketErrorEventArgs
Provides data for the Error event.
Public classWebSocketMessage
Represents a message that can be sent or received over a WebSocket.
Public classWebSocketMessageEventArgs
Provides data for the ReceivedMessage event.
Public classWebSocketMessageQueue
Provides a mechanism for waiting for WebSocketMessage's to arrive from the server.

Public enumerationConnectionType
Represents an HTTP or HTTPS connection handler.
Public enumerationHostFilteringMode
Describes the modes available for filtering hosts.
Public enumerationHttpStatusCategory
Describes the HTTP status category for custom handling of the HTTP status codes
Public enumerationHttpStatusRange
Describes the HTTP status ranges
Public enumerationInputElement InputElementType
Enumerates the different types of InputElement that are available.
Public enumerationSearchFlags
Used for searching for data with Correlation Rules. Signifies if the search should be within the response body (html), the response header(s) or both.