CitrixVirtualUserScript WindowsEvents Property C# API
Filter for Citrix Events.

Namespace: Facilita.Fc.Citrix
Assembly: fcCitrix (in fcCitrix.dll) Version:

public WindowEvents WindowsEvents { get; set; }

Field Value

A set of Citrix events to listen for on the Citrix connection.

The property must be set after calling StartCitrixClient but before Connect. The virtual user then registers with the underlying Citrix control for the events required. Changing this value following a connect has no effect. The property is defaulted to MinimalMask if no filter is explicitly set. Citrix raises events during a session appending them to the OccuredEvents list. It is unlikely all Citrix event types will be required for successful synchronization. The WindowEvents property provides a way of restricting the Citrix event types raised. Filtering out events will reduce the processing overhead placed on both the Citrix ICA Client and eggPlant Performance .NET engine processes (wfica32.exe and engine_clr.exe respectively).
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