Request IncludeQueryDataInLabels Property C# API
Gets or sets a value that indicates whether URLs with different query data should be considered different from each other for analysis purposes.

Namespace: Facilita.Web
Assembly: clrWebBrowser (in clrWebBrowser.dll) Version: (

public bool IncludeQueryDataInLabels { get; set; }

Field Value

true if URL query data will be included in the HTTP metric labels; otherwise, false.

If the value of this property is true, then the query data will be included in the HTTP metric labels.


  • http://localhost:32144/search?q=camera
  • http://localhost:32144/search?q=laptop

It may be important to compare how the query data affects the performance timing data, or you may wish to consider both requests as accessing the same URL under the same label http://localhost:32144/search.

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