WebBrowser CertLocation Property C# API
Gets or sets the location folder or file path for a client certificate.

Namespace: Facilita.Web
Assembly: clrWebBrowser (in clrWebBrowser.dll) Version: (

public string CertLocation { get; set; }

Field Value

The location folder or file path for a client certificate.

NotSupportedExceptionEither the WinInet or WinHTTP handler is currently in use, for which this property is not supported.

This property enables a specific certificate file, or folder containing certificates, to be set. It should be set before any requests to a server that requires a client certificate.

This property uses the OpenSSL method SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations(), see Onlinehttp://www.openssl.org/docs/ssl/SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations.html for details of usage.

If the path is a folder, then the CAfile argument of SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations is NULL. If it is a file, the CApath argument is set to NULL.

Note Note
Certificates must be in PEM format. See the examples below.


The following example demonstrates converting a certificate exported from a browser in a different format, to PEM format using the OpenSSL utility.
openssl pkcs12 -clcerts -nokeys -out hostcert.pem -in cert.p12
See Onlinehttp://www.openssl.org/ for details.
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