Url PropertiesC# API
The Url type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDirectoryPath
Gets the directory components of the path in this Url, excluding the filename.
Public propertyEncodedPathAndQuery
Gets the section of the URL used in an HTTP request.
Public propertyFileName
Gets the name of the file at the end of the path in this Url.
Public propertyIpEndPoint
Gets the IpEndPoint pointed to by this Url.
Public propertyIsRelativePath
Gets a value that indicates whether the return value of Path doesn't begin with /.
Public propertyIsStandardPortForProtocol
Gets a value that indicates whether a standard port is being used.
Public propertyPassword
Gets the password specified in this Url.
Public propertyPath
Gets the path component of this Url, excluding the first / after the hostname.
Public propertyProtocol
Gets the Protocol used for this Url. This appears before the :// at the start of a URL, and is also known as the scheme.
Public propertyQuery
Gets the percent-encoded query data section of this Url.
Public propertyQueryData
Get a QueryData object representing the query data section of this Url.
Public propertyReference
Gets the reference (also known as the fragment ID) of this Url.
Public propertyUser
Gets the username specified in this Url.
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