CitrixEventType EnumerationC# API
Citrix Event Types. For internal use

Namespace: Facilita.Fc.Citrix
Assembly: fcCitrix (in fcCitrix.dll) Version:

public enum CitrixEventType

  Member nameValueDescription
StartCitrixClient0 Citrix client started
CloseCitrixClient1 Citrix client closed
Address2 Address set
Application3 Application set
LoadIcaFile4 ICA file loaded
SetIcaProperty5 ICA property set
Connect6 Connect
Disconnect7 Disconnect
Connected8 Connected
ConnectFailed9 Failed to connect
Disconnected10 Disconnected
DisconnectFailed11 Failed to disconnect
StartTransaction12 Start Transaction
EndTransaction13 End Transaction
SetProgressPoint14 Set Progress Point
Comment15 Comment
WriteMessage16 Write message
Ping17 Ping
PingAck18 Acknowledge ping
MouseMove19 Mouse move
MouseDown20 Mouse down
MouseUp21 Mouse up
MouseDoubleClick22 Mouse double click
KeyDown23 Key down
KeyUp24 Key up
WindowCreate25 Window created
WindowDestroy26 Window destroyed
WindowForeground27 Window moved to foreground
WindowStyleChange28 Window style changed
WindowSmallIconChange29 Window small icon changed
WindowLargeIconChange30 Window large icon changed
WindowSize31 Window resized
WindowMove32 Window moved
WindowMinimize33 Window minimized
WindowDeactivate34 Window deactivated
WindowCaptionChange35 Window caption changed
WindowActivate36 Window activated
ScreenUpdate37 Screen updated
WaitForScreenMatch38 Wait for screen match
WaitForImage39 Wait for image
ClickFoundLocation40 Click found location
DefaultTimeout41 Default timeout
Click42 Click on an image
DoubleClick43 Double click on an image
RightClick44 Right click on an image
MouseMoveToImage45 Move mouse to an image
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