IDataDictionary InterfaceC# API
Represents a collection of name/value pairs.

Namespace: Facilita.Fc.Runtime
Assembly: fc_clr (in fc_clr.dll) Version:

public interface IDataDictionary

The DataDictionary class is the base of all eggPlant Performance VirtualUserScript classes and the IDataTable class. A Data Dictionary is a collection of key/value pairs where key is a keyword used to extract a value. Every VirtualUser in a running test has a Data Dictionary. Suppose a Data Dictionary contains a key "counter" whose value is 22. To extract the value from the dictionary use the following code:
int count = GetInt("counter"); // count is now set to 22
string count = GetString("counter"); // count is now set to "22"
A Data Dictionary can be populated from a Data Dictionary File. This is a text file containing lines of text in the form key=value. For example:
host =
port = 1245
user = Jane Smith
password = myPassword
eggPlant Performance Studio enables you to associate Data Dictionary files with a test and multiple VU Groups. The key/value pairs in the files are loaded into each VU's data dictionary when the test is initialized. Studio also allows you to add values using the Inline-Data form of a test's Data properties. You may also add values within your script code using the Add(IDataDictionary) or Set T (String, T) methods described in this reference. The methods and properties described in this reference can all be accessed directly from within the code of any script class as the base script class, VirtualUserScript inherits IDataDictionary.
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