IDataTable InterfaceC# API
The IDataTable interface provides script functionality to allow direct control over a named Data Table by a Virtual User.

Namespace: Facilita.Fc.Runtime
Assembly: fc_clr (in fc_clr.dll) Version:

public interface IDataTable : IDataDictionary, 

In cases when a data table has multiple rows of data assigned to each Virtual User, it is set to automatically advance on each iteration. Sometimes it can be useful for auto advance to be switched off. This allows the Virtual User to directly control row advancement through the assigned data rows (a section). A named Data Table allows such control.

The following example demonstrates accessing all the rows in a named Data Table.
// obtain a named Data Table
IDataTable dt = GetDataTable("actors.txt");
// loop through all rows in the Data Table 
while (dt.MoveNext())
    // write out to the event log the current value of the column 'surname'
    WriteMessage("Surname: " + dt.GetString("surname"));

WriteMessage("No more rows");
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