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April 10

We’re happy to announce the release of the Sprint 11 edition of Quamotion for Visual Studio. The version number is 0.1.1148.

This release contains a lot of usability enhancements, various major performance gains additional support for custom controls and updated documentation.

With this release, we've further enhanced our support for native Android apps. We've worked together with various customers to automate their native Android apps using Visual Studio 2013 and Quamotion for Visual Studio.

Usability Enhancements

This release contains various enhancements that increase the usability of Quamotion for Visual Studio.

We've fixed bugs in the Quamotion for Visual Studio user interface, and streamlined the installation process.

The Coded UI Test Builder now features better support for overlapping controls.

Performance Improvement

We've drastically improved the performance of Quamotion for Visual Studio in several areas:

  • When you start the Coded UI Test Builder or a test, we no longer re-install the app when it is already installed, nor do we re-start the app if it is already running.
  • When you highlight a control in the Coded UI Test Builder, the operation now completes in a few seconds.

These two improvements combined have drastically reduced the time it takes to add a mobile object to the Coded UI Map.

Support for custom Android UI frameworks

In the previous release, we've introduced Extension Packs which add support for custom frameworks.

In this release, we add support for custom frameworks, even if no Extension Pack for that framework is installed.

When we detect a custom control that is not supported by Quamotion for Visual Studio and for which no Extension Pack is installed, we will now detect the standard control it derives from.

For example, if your app includes a customized Text Box, we will handle this customized Text Box as a standard Text Box. That way, you can still script all of the standard actions - such as typing text in the Text Box

  • using out of the box Quamotion for Visual Studio.

Updated documentation

We've updated our on-line documentation.