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June 19

We’re happy to announce the release of the Sprint 16 edition of Quamotion for Visual Studio. The version number is 0.1.1458.

This release brings support for recording of scripts on native iOS applications, and supports testing applications on devices with multiple screens. Additionally, this release brings usability and stability enhancements.

Recording of scripts on native iOS applications

This release brings support for recording of scripts on native iOS apps. You can now start the Coded UI Test Builder and hit the Record button. Once you've done this, all actions you run on the mobile device will be recorded and a script that allows you to replay these actions will be automatically generated.

Support for applications with multiple screens

In certain scenarios, you may want to run your tests on devices with multiple screens - for example, consider a Nexus 5 table with a television screen connected to the HDMI output.

With this release, we have added support for these scenarios.

Stability Enhancements

  • We've improved the stability of our communication with iOS devices. The communication now takes place in an external process. With this change, when you pause your test, the communication channel with the device is not interrupted.
  • We've fixed a scenario in which certain Quamotion installation files are not removed when you uninstall Quamotion.