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September 11

We’re happy to announce the release of the Sprint 22 edition of Quamotion for Visual Studio. The version number is 0.1.1972.

This release is a quality release, and contains numerous improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Visual Studio plug in enhancements
  • Better support for cancelling tasks
  • Improved iOS Support
  • Improved logging

Visual Studio Plug In enhancements

  • We've fixed an issue in the Mobile Test Settings editor, where the editor would always ask you to save the file, even if no changes were made.
  • We've improved our support for cancelling long running tasks.

Improved iOS Support

We've improved our support for iOS applications. This includes:

  • Support for typing text using the keyboard.
  • We now detect a locked iOS device, and wait for you to unlock the device.
  • We now support connecting more than one iOS device at a time.
  • Better support for code signing iOS applications that implement specific FileRules in the signature.
  • Better support for iOS applications targetting multiple architectures.
  • Better support for iOS applications targetting ARM64 processors.
  • Better support for applications that have multiple top-level windows.

Improved Logging

We've improved the logging that takes place when Quamotion for Visual Studio is running. All commands sent to the device, and the responses received from the device, are now logged.