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October 23

We’re happy to announce the release of the Sprint 25 edition of Quamotion for Visual Studio. The version number is 0.1.2528.

This release introduces the Mobile Test dasbhoard in Visual Studio Online (currently in preview), support for running mobile tests using NUnit 3, and saving test action logs as XML files.

Mobile Test Dashboard

With this release, we're launching a preview of our Mobile Test dashboard in Visual Studio online.

The Mobile Test dasbhoard, provides you with an on line cockpit that allows you to keep track of your mobile tests from a single, central place.

You can run tests as part of a hosted Visual Studio build, or run them locally.

Running tests with NUnit 3

With thise release, we've added support for beta 4 of NUnit 3.

To launch a test on a mobile device, you can add the [StartApp] attribute to your test case. If you're running an Android test, all you need to specify is the Device ID and the path to the Android application you want to test:

[Test, StartApp("ZX1G425RW5", "MyApp.apk")]
public void Test()
// When you run this test, the MyApp application will launch on the device
// with ID ZX1G425RW5

To interact with controls, you can use our Fluent API. For example, to tap on a button marked Sign In, you can use the Gesture.Tap method:

Gesture.Tap(w => w.Marked("Sign In"));

To type text, you can use the Keyboard.Type method:

Keyboard.Type(w => w.Id("login_email"), username);

To interact with the device, you can use the Device class. For example, to set the device orientation, use:


Test Action Logs as XML

By default, test action logs are now generated as XML files instead of HTML files.