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October 21

We’re happy to announce the release of the Sprint 51 edition of Quamotion. The version number is 0.1.5692.

This release adds better support for hybrid applications, new routes for inspecting iOS apps, support for killing processes which are running on mobile device, and includes stability and usability enhancements across the board.

Hybrid applications

We've improved support for hybrid applications in various areas:

  • We've improved support for hybrid applications on iOS 10
  • We've added support for custom tabs for Chrome
  • We've imporved support for CrossWalk

Inspecting iOS apps

This release adds routes to retrieve the embedded entitlements, requirements and embedded provisioning profile of iOS applications.

You can use the following routes to inspect iOS applications:

  • View embedded entitlements: GET wd/hub/quamotion/app/{appId}/{version}/entitlements
  • View requirements: GET wd/hub/quamotion/app/{appId}/{version}/requirements
  • View embedded provisioning profile: GET wd/hub/quamotion/app/{appId}/{version}/provisioningProfile

Killing processes

This release adds support for, where possible, killing processes which are running on an iOS or Android device.

To kill a process, use the following route:

  • DELETE wd/hub/quamotion/device/{deviceId}/process/{processId}

Stability and usability enhancements

This release includes the following stability and usability enhacements:

  • We've made fixes to how iOS applications are resigned. macOS-specific entitlements are now removed when resigning an iOS application, and the remove associated domains requirement is also removed.
  • We've made the front-end more interactive, providing you with a real-time view of devices which are connected and active sessions.
  • We've fixed a memory leak on iOS.
  • We've added support for downloading & removing apps from the front-end