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December 2

We’re happy to announce the release of the Sprint 54 edition of Quamotion. The version number is 0.1.5889.0.

This release fixes the following issues:

Improved support for Android devices

In this release, we've focussed on improving the experience when working with Android devices. We've fixed issues and added new features:

  • You can now configure Location Services on Android devices
  • We've fixed a memory leak which would occur when taking screenshots of Android devices
  • We've improved support for clicking on the Back button on Android

Improved device diagnostics

We've made it easier to fetch device diagnostics.

  • We've added PowerShell functions to access the batery and disk information
  • Test log reports now include the device logs (syslog or adb log)

Usability enhancements

We've implemented various fixes which improve the Spy functionality, especially when a session is already running