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June 1

We’re happy to announce the release of the Sprint 92 edition of Quamotion. The version number is 0.91.65.

In this release, we've fixed issues with starting applications and settings on iOS devices.

PowerShell improvements

We've improved our PowerShell client. We've:

  • Fixed an issue where the PowerShell client would return duplicate status messages when starting a new session.
  • Fixed an issue where the PowerShell client would not return correctly when deploying a session has failed.
  • Fixed an issue where error messages would not be shown correctly in the PowerShell client.
  • Added a new command, Get-Timeouts, which allows you to list the timeouts applied to your current session.

Reliability and stability improvements


  • Fixed a timeout when starting a device automation session on iOS.
  • The screenshot feed will now show a 'device booting' status message when you reboot a device, instead of disconnecting.