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June 28

We’re happy to announce the release of the Sprint 120 edition of Quamotion. The version number is 0.120.32.

In this release, we've improved the stability and reliability of the WebDriver and xcuitrunner.

WebDriver improvements

  • We've added support for capturing CPU and Memory usage details on iOS devices.
  • We've improved performance of test automation on iOS devices.
  • We've fixed an issue where iPhone devinces with an ARMv8e processor would not be detected correctly.

xcuitrunner improvements

  • We've fixed an issue where launching WebDriverAgent would fail if you attempt to override any of the pre-defined environment variables.
  • When WebDriverAgent fails to launch, xcuitrunner now shows a detailed error message instead of a general timeout error.
  • We've added additional logging to xcuitrunner to improve troubleshooting.
  • We've improved the general performance of xcuitrunner.