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September 11

We're happy to announce the release of the Sprint 149 edition of Quamotion. The version number is 0.149.26.

Appium compatibility with xcuitrunner

We've made it easier to test iOS applications using Appium on Linux with xcuitrunner!

xcuitrunner now includes stubs for all the Xcode-related utilities Appium uses (such as xcode-select, xcrun, xcodebuild and carthage). As a result, you can use Appium on Linux to test iOS applications.

First, install Appium and xcuitrunner:

  1. Install Appium
  2. Install xcuitrunner
  3. Save your developer profile in /etc/quamotion/quamotion.developerprofile
  4. Save your developer disk images in /etc/quamotion/devimg
  5. Save your Quamotion license to /etc/quamotion/.license

Then, launch Appium:

export PATH="/usr/share/xcuitrunner:${PATH}"


That's it! You now have a copy of Appium which you can use to test iOS applications on Linux.

Docker container

You can use the quamotion/appium-docker-ios Docker container if you'd rather use Docker.


Don't hesitate to reach out to use at in case you have questions!