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Connecting to Citrix

Eggplant Functional has integrated the Eggplant Gateway which allows Eggplant Functional to support Citrix systems under test (SUTS).

To use the Citrix Native Connection feature, confirm you have the following prequisites.

  • First install the Citrix Workspace App for Windows Long Term Service Release version 22.03, available from the Citrix website.
  • Next, confirm you can log on to the Citrix environment using Forms Authentication. Eggplant Functional currently supports Forms Authentication. Please contact Eggplant Support if your organization requires use of Federated Authentication or MFA Authentication.
  • Take note of your username and password when logging into the Citrix environment, these will be used in Eggplant Functional to establish the connection.
  • Take note of the storefront url and the name of the application you want to launch, these will be used in the SUT connection details. In the example below, the URL is and the name of the application would be Windows Server 2019Sample Citrix Environment

You do not need to launch the Citrix Workspace app when establishing the connection in Eggplant Functional as it will be handled during the connection process.

Once you have confirmed the prerequisites, you can then install Eggplant Functional for Windows 22.4.


You must install Eggplant Functional after you have installed the Citrix Workspace app in order to set necessary registry keys. If necessary, you can set the registry keys by running the Eggplant Gateway epgw setup command after you have installed Eggplant Functional. See epgw setup command for more details.

For more information about Citrix or the Eggplant Gateway please visit their websites.

Connecting using Eggplant Functional

Within the Connection List there is a new connection type: Citrix. Please see Adding or Editing a SUT in the Connection List for details on how to create Citrix connections.

Connecting using SenseTalk

Additionally, you can create and connect to Citrix SUTs using the SenseTalk Connect Command.


Access to the Remote Clipboard from Eggplant Functional and use of RemoteClipboard SenseTalk commands are not yet available on Citrix SUTs


ScrollWheelDown and ScrollWheelUp SenseTalk commands are not yet available on Citrix SUTs