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Mobile WebDriver Testing

You can perform object-based testing of apps on Android and iOS devices with Eggplant Functional using mobile WebDriver. You use mobile WebDriver commands and functions to define these tests.

To test an Android or iOS mobile device, you have two options within Eggplant:

  • If you actually own the device (or simulate it locally on Android), you may use Eggplant Functional's Mobile Device Connection to connect to your mobile device.
  • Alternately, you can connect to Sauce Labs cloud-hosted mobile devices using Eggplant's Sauce Labs Connection.

When you connect to the mobile device (using either the Mobile Device Connection or the Sauce Labs Connection), Eggplant Functional will simultaneously establish a mobile WebDriver connection and a VNC connection. The dual connection allows you to send mobile WebDriver commands to your device while simultaneously using Eggplant's image-based capabilities. Having the flexibility to use both methods of controlling and verifying your device allows you to test your device more comprehensively than if you had only one or the other type of connection.

Please refer to the following references for more information regarding your particular use-case:


Mobile WebDriver functionality on Android devices requires Android 5.0 (API level 21) and later on the device being tested.