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Do I have to use SenseTalk or are other scripting languages supported?

Eggplant Functional supports only the SenseTalk scripting language.

The English-like syntax of SenseTalk makes it easy for English speakers to learn, even if they have no programming experience. Experienced programmers should have no problem translating their knowledge to the use of SenseTalk, which resembles the pseudocode you might write before developing the actual code in another language. Because of its simplicity, learning SenseTalk should not be viewed as a barrier to adopting Eggplant Functional. To learn more about the SenseTalk language, see About SenseTalk.

Eggplant Functional also includes a number of workflows to assist with creating scripts visually. For information about these methods, see Creating Tests with Eggplant Functional.

Using Tests Written in Other Languages with Eggplant Functional

If you have previously existing tests written in other languages, you can integrate individual SenseTalk commands into your existing tests using Eggdrive.

If you would like to execute tests in other languages alongside Eggplant Functional scripts, you might be interested in using Eggplant Manager.