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Do I have to use VNC or does Eggplant Functional support other protocols?

Eggplant Functional supports both VNC and RDP connections.

The Eggplant Functional application has, at its heart, a VNC viewer. However, it is also possible to open a connection with the Viewer window via RDP to devices that support that protocol.

Eggplant Functional always has to connect to a second system, although that system can be either a physical machine, a virtual machine, or on some systems, a second user session. This is because it is through the Viewer window that you interact with the system under test (SUT), capture images, and send commands. Your scripted actions are converted into mouse and keyboard events and sent to the SUT.

To use VNC, there has to be a VNC server on the SUT to pass those events on to the system; RDP doesn’t require any additional components.

For more information about connecting via VNC or RDP, see Using the Eggplant Functional Connection List.