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Syntax Definitions

Syntax definitions for SenseTalk language elements follow these formatting guidelines:

  • boldface: Indicates words and characters that must be typed exactly
  • italic: Indicates expressions or other variable elements
  • {} (curly braces): Indicate optional elements.
  • [] (square brackets) separated by | (vertical pipes): Indicate alternative options where one or the other can be used, but not both.

Example syntax:

open file fileName {for [reading | writing | readwrite | appending | updating] }

In this example, "open file" is required and must be typed exactly. "fileName" is a variable element; it is the path to and name of the file being opened. The following expression is optional and indicates why the file is being opened. If this expression is added, "for" is required and must be typed exactly. One of the following must be included, but only one, and they also must be typed exactly: "reading", "writing", "readwrite", "appending", or "updating".


SenseTalk is not case-sensitive.