Eggplant AI API Endpoints

The Eggplant AI API allows you to execute models from other programs and scripts in parallel to increase testing bandwidth and improve your automation flow.

Use the links in the table to go to the pages for the endpoints. The pages provide descriptions and examples for the endpoints and methods.

Title URL HTTP Method Description
Auth http://localhost/auth POST Returns an access token for the API
Run a Model http://localhost/api/run POST Starts a model run
Check Run Progress http://localhost/api/run/progress POST Returns the status of the run in progress
Monitor Agent Connections http://localhost/api/sut/status POST Shows the status of agent connections
Abort Execution http://localhost/api/run/abort POST Aborts the model run
Run Report http://localhost/api/run/report POST Returns run reports for a specified model
View the Coverage Report http://localhost/api/coverage/report POST Shows the coverage of test runs
Test Case Analysis Report http://localhost/api/testcase/report POST Shows an analysis of test case runs


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