Connecting to Eggplant Automation Cloud Test Systems

You can use Eggplant Automation Cloud to facilitate connections to your test systems and devices from Eggplant Functional, Eggplant's test automation tool, and Eggplant Manual, Eggplant’s manual testing solution. You can also use Eggplant Automation Cloud with Eggplant Manager, a browser-based test maEggplantnagement system, and you can even manage connections from other testing tools such as Selenium or Appium.

This section describes how to connect to systems under test (SUTs) in Eggplant Automation Cloud in different circumstances:

Notes About Connections

During any time you have a SUT reserved, whether you're connected to it or not, no other user can connect to or reserve the same SUT. However, at the end of your reservation time, Eggplant Automation Cloud closes any open connection. If the SUT isn't reserved by another user, you can extend your reservation at any time, either through the Eggplant Automation Cloud Connection List or through the Eggplant Automation Cloud web interface.

While you have a SUT reserved, you can connect and disconnect as often as you like. (The exception to this ability is if you used an automatic reservation through Eggplant Automation Cloud; see Making an Automatic Reservation and Connection to learn about this option.)

Reservation/Connection Times

Keep in mind that the clock on the Eggplant Automation Cloud server might not exactly match the clock on your local machine or test systems, which can affect when reservations begin and end. Reservation start and end times are controlled by the Eggplant Automation Cloud server time. If there is a significant discrepancy between the server time and your local machine time, Eggplant Automation Cloud displays an alert when you're on the Reservations tab. Work with your administrator to ensure you understand any implications in your environments.


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