Advanced Configuration in Eggplant Manager

The Eggplant Manager installation program configures Eggplant Manager, so you can log in and get started using it. However, to fully implement Eggplant Manager in your environment, you might need to customize the configuration for your test environment. For example, you might need to change the default ports set during installation for the Eggplant Manager processes.

Additionally, Eggplant Manager provides configuration options that are not configured during install. These options enable you to configure email notifications when tests finish running or integrate your defect management system.

Following is a brief discussion of these advanced Eggplant Manager configuration options, including where to go for more information.

Network Configuration

The installation program configures Eggplant Manager with default values for the ports its processes use, a public IP address, and an HTTP connection, which is not secure. You can change these values after installation. See Configuring Network Access for information about changing these defaults.

Email Notification Configuration

Eggplant Manager can be configured to send email notifications when tests finish running. You'll need to configure a mail server and enter an email address to use this functionality. See Configuring a Mail (SMTP) Server for information about these tasks.


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