Using Eggplant DAI

Eggplant DAI provides a seamless user experience by using machine learning algorithms to automate test cases and customer insights to generate tests based on the actual customer usage in one uniformed UI. You create a model of the app or interface you want to test to generate test cases and to ensure sufficient coverage in your testing.

Build a Model

Plan and build your model. Use States and Actions to represent screens, pages, dialog boxes, and menus as needed to replicate your app or interface. Define possible transitions between states and actions that describe potential paths through your interface.

You can also add variables to capture and provide values for states and actions, as needed. Your model can be simple or complex, depending on your testing needs.

Run the Model

When you run a model in Eggplant DAI, learning algorithms choose the specific path the test follows through the model, which can be different with each run. Use the reports Eggplant DAI generates to check model coverage so that you can see whether you need to adjust the weighting of any actions or states. Reports can also show the overall success and failure rates of your model.

Check the Run Report for basic information about test runs. This report has multiple filtering options to help you make use of your test run data. To report on whether specific parts of your model execute during a given test run, use the Test Cases tab, where you can define specific test cases and report on them. The Coverage report shows how many times the states and actions in your model have been hit by your test executions. You can view this data as a heat map or table. Results from any of these report tabs can be exported in XML or CSV format.

Integrate with Eggplant Functional

Eggplant DAI works with Eggplant Functional to automate the testing process. You connect Eggplant Fusion Engine by using the Eggplant DAI Agent. Create SenseTalk snippets in Eggplant Studio, then associate them with states and actions in your Eggplant DAI model. When you run a model that has associated SenseTalk snippets, those snippets execute on your system under test (SUT) as the model runs.

Note: From Eggplant DAI 4.2, versions prior to Eggplant Fusion Engine 20.2 are not compatible.

Integrate with Eggplant Performance

You configure Eggplant DAI with the Eggplant Performance Test Controller to automate performance tests. Eggplant DAI uses Eggplant Performance and Eggplant’s very own hosted platform to carry out the performance testing behind the scenes. This integration involves setting up of engines for parallel execution and the systems to run the tests on SUTs, however, as a user, you don’t need to manually configure the systems. Running load tests in Eggplant DAI is extremely simple, which means you can run it without any technical knowledge or prior coding experience. For more information on performance testing using Eggplant DAI, see Running Performance Tests.


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