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Using Android Gateway 7.0 and Later

Android Gateway 7 works with Eggplant Functional to automate tests on mobile devices running Android 7.0 and later. Android Gateway, running on a computer where Android devices are attached via USB, helps make the connection between the device and Eggplant Functional. After you establish a connection, you can use Eggplant Functional to write scripts and create and perform tests against your Android environments.


The information on this page is for Android Gateway 7.0 and newer. If you use Android Gateway 6.x or older, see Using Android Gateway or Using Android Gateway 5.6 and Older.

Other Connection Considerations

Remember that you can make connections with Android Gateway both from your local machine to a locally attached device as well as to a remote machine that has devices attached. To make a remote connection, you must ensure that Eggplant Functional is able to reach the IP address where Android Gateway is running.