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Version: DAI 6.5

Add a New User

To add a new user, you must use an account with Admin permissions. You’ll need to:

Create a User Account

New Feature

For enhanced security, multi-factor authentication is now available in Eggplant DAI 6.0 and later. Just choose the required user action Configure OTP when you create an account.

Follow these steps to create all new user accounts.

  1. Log in to Eggplant DAI with your Admin user account.

  2. Go to System > Access. The Access page is displayed.

  3. Click Manage users to open the Admin Console in a new browser tab.

  4. Click Add user and fill in the basic user information. At a minimum, you must enter a Username. The following characters are not accepted: < > \ /, and any uppercase letters are converted to lowercase. If you want the user to update their password when they first log in, also enter a valid email address.


    Users can only update their own passwords if your Eggplant DAI environment has email enabled. Otherwise, you'll need to supply them with a temporary password.

  5. Leave the User Enabled toggle set to ON and the Email Verified toggle to OFF.

  6. (Optional) From the Required User Actions list, select any tasks that you want the user to complete after they log in for the first time. For example:

    • Configure OTP - Guides the user through the setup for multi-factor authentication.
    • Update Profile - Prompts the user to enter any missing account details.
  7. Select Save to create the account. When the Success! message is displayed, continue to the next section.

Assign User Permissions

You need to add all new users to an access control group before they log in for the first time. An access control group grants the correct level of permissions to a user – either Admin or User.

  1. On the Users page of the Admin Console, select the Permissions tab.

  2. In the Available Groups box, select either:

    • _permissions:global:admin for administrators
    • _permissions:dai:user for all other users.

    Only add users to the administrators group if Eggplant technical support asks you to do so. The administrators group is for Eggplant product maintenance and provides access to settings that could impact the security of your system if incorrectly configured.

  3. Select Join. The user is added to the correct group, which appears in the Group Membership box.

  4. Continue to either Configure a Password Update, or Set a Temporary Password for environments without access to email.

Configure a Password Update

Configuring a password update allows the user to enter their own password when they login for the first time. This feature is only available if you entered a valid email address for the user when you created their account.

  1. On the Users page of the Admin Console, select the Credentials tab.
  2. In the Set Password section, leave the Temporary toggle set to ON.
  3. In the Credential Reset section, from the Reset Actions list, select Update Password (UPDATE PASSWORD).
  4. In the Expires In boxes, enter a time limit of up to 12 hours within which the user must reset their password.
  5. Click Send Email. An email is sent to the user that contains a link to a page where they can update their password and log in.

Account setup is complete.

Set a Temporary Password

If email is disabled in your Eggplant DAI environment, you’ll need to provide each user with a temporary password until they can enter their own password when they first log in.

  1. On the Users page of the Admin Console, select the Credentials tab.
  2. Enter and confirm a temporary password for the user. All passwords must be between 12 and 128 characters long.
  3. Leave the Temporary toggle set to ON to force the user to enter their own password when they first log in.
  4. Select Set Password, and then confirm the change.
  5. Provide the user with their username and password.

Account setup is complete.