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Version: DAI 6.5

Uninstall Eggplant DAI

Use these instructions to uninstall, and to remove Eggplant DAI from a machine.

  1. Locate and run the Eggplant DAI uninstall program by choosing Start > All Programs > Uninstall Eggplant DAI.
  2. Click Yes when prompted to uninstall Eggplant DAI and all its components.
  3. Click OK after the removal process is done.

Uninstalling Eggplant DAI does leave some folders intact. Note that the data that's left behind after you uninstall Eggplant DAI contains user account information, user models, and execution data. Only remove these files and folders if they are no longer required. Assuming you installed Eggplant DAI in the C:/Program Files/DAI directory, the following folders remain if you need to retain any files:

  • Eggplant DAI data directory files: C:\ProgramData\Eggplant\Digital Automation Intelligence\data
  • Server and Eggplant DAI log files: C:\ProgramData\Eggplant\Digital Automation Intelligence\logs
  • Files that are uploaded to the Eggplant DAI server, e.g. suites and screenshots: C:\ProgramData\Eggplant\Digital Automation Intelligence\minio

If you decide that you want to remove Eggplant DAI after uninstalling it, delete the following directory or folder: C:\Program Files\Digital Automation Intelligence