Eggplant Automation Cloud User Account Settings

You can change account settings in Eggplant Automation Cloud on the My Profile page. This page is where you can update your email address and change your Eggplant Automation Cloud password. You access the My Profile page from the menu by selecting Account > Account Settings.

Note that the My Profile page displays the same information for both the Administrator role and the Tester role.

The My Profile page under Account Settings for Eggplant Automation Cloud.

Update Email Address

The Email Address field displays the user's current email address. To update this information, make any necessary edits in the field, then click Update Email.

Change Password

To change your password for Eggplant Automation Cloud, enter an identical password in both fields provided. If the password doesn't match, you'll see an authentication error and you won't be able to proceed. Click Change Password to complete the password change.

Note: If you are licensed for Eggplant Manager as well as Eggplant Automation Cloud, you will have additional account settings on this page. See Working with Account Settings in Eggplant Manager for complete information.


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