Eggplant Automation Cloud Release Notes

5.1 and Later Release Notes

Note: With Eggplant Automation Cloud 5.0 and later, Eggplant Automation Cloud and Eggplant Manager are released together in the same installer (although licensed separately). Release notes for Eggplant Automation Cloud are included in the Eggplant Manager release notes from this point forward.

5.0 (18-Nov-2015)

Note: Release notes for eggPlant Manager 5.0 are combined with eggCloud 5.0 because both products are released and install together; however, not all features apply to both products.

New Features

  • eggPlant Manager 5.0 and eggCloud 5.0 now fully integrated in the same web interface (licensed separately).
  • eggCloud 5.0 now supported on Windows operating systems.
  • USB Discovery detects connected devices and uses discovered metadata to automatically create SUTs.
  • New test Configurations allow running the same test against different SUTs with side-by-side comparison of results.
  • Added eggPlant Network integration to allow for running tests with network emulation.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Changed schedule and agent licensing terminology to make it easier to understand.
  • New browser UI navigation components.
  • Database backend changed, allowing better performance and reliability under load.

Licensing Changes

  • Both eggPlant Manager and eggCloud now use node-locked licenses.

2.01 (24-April-2015)

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved scalability and performance of Web UI.
  • Fixed an issue where licenses could be reset when saving eggCloud settings.

New Features

  • Show system host ID on the 'enter license' panel.
  • Add configuration option to settings page to enable HTTPS (with or without custom certificate/key).

2.0 (19-April-2015)

Fixes and Improvements

  • Simplified installation and initial configuration.
  • Improved scalability and performance of Web UI.
  • Real-time updates in the reservation panel.
  • Alert users when there is a meaningful time difference between the client and server.

New Features

  • Support for non-eggBox Mac OS X

1.2.1 (19-May-2014)

Installation Fix

  • Fixed a problem if you try to configure the system prior to entering a valid license

1.2 (13-May-2014)

Fixes and Improvements

  • Simplified Initial Configuration to only require two values:
    • Public IP: The access IP address for clients to connect with
    • Private IP: The internal IP of the Server in the eggCloud network
  • Simplified Licensing process to only require the license key
  • Improved reservation behavior for ad-hoc reservations from eggPlant Functional
  • Source NAT is now applied per device so you can route devices that are not directly in the eggCloud network

1.1.5 (10-Mar-2014)

Major Features

  • New GUI configuration panel
    • Use the new GUI panel for initial configuration and updates
    • Note: For Security this page is _only_ accessible directly from the local eggCloud machine's browser
  • Added the ability to make immediate reservations for free devices from eggPlant

1.0.7 (29-Oct-2013)

eggCloud Initial Release


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