Eggplant Manager and Eggplant Automation Cloud Release Notes

The notes below provide descriptions of the new features and changes introduced with each release of Eggplant Manager and Eggplant Automation Cloud. You are strongly encouraged to read about the relevant changes whenever you upgrade from an earlier version. Potential compatibility issues are highlighted in RED.

You can get the latest versions of Eggplant Manager and Eggplant Automation Cloud from the Eggplant downloads page.

Note: Since the release of Eggplant Manager 5.1, the release notes for Eggplant Manager are combined with Eggplant Automation Cloud because the products release together and install together. The release notes on this page for versions prior to Eggplant Manager 5.1 include only Eggplant Manager. Release notes for earlier versions of Eggplant Automation Cloud can be found on the Eggplant Automation Cloud Release Notes page.

Tip: To see which version of Eggplant Manager you're using, go to Admin > System Preferences and look in the System Information section. Note that you must have Administrator privileges to see the Admin menu.

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows: Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 7, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012
  • Mac: macOS 10.15, macOS 10.14, macOS 10.13, macOS 10.12. OS X 10.11
  • Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, 7. CentOS 6, 7.
    Note: The zip and unzip command line utilities must be installed to use Eggplant Manager on Linux.

Hardware Requirements

  • RAM: 4 GB minimum. 8 GB recommended.
    Note: More memory might be required depending on your configuration and usage.
  • Disk space: 1 TB for archival purposes.
  • Processor: 2 GHz dual core or faster.


  • Eggplant Manager is not compatible with Eggplant DAI 4.1.
  • Eggplant Manager 6.43 is not compatible with Eggplant AI versions older than 3.0. Versions of Eggplant Manager older than 6.43 are not compatible with Eggplant AI 3.0.

7.1.1 (16 April 2020)


  • Enhances LDAP integration to support nested user groups, restrictions for domain disabled and expired users, users in no group, and other complex configurations through the new search filter for Active Directory administrators. This includes both email and name Active Directory definitions. The LDAP interface now can test the filter and the settings in real-time.


  • The LDAP attributes for query user, query password, and group have been removed.
  • After installation, your LDAP settings will reset. You must log in again with the default administrator account to set up the new fields: email, name, and search. The corresponding help bubbles explain each field in detail.

Bug Fixes

  • Host IDs (MAC addresses) used for license validation are now case-insensitive.
  • Fixes an issue with the licenser host field not working correctly.
  • Fixes an issue that caused a resource allocation error.

7.1 (11 December 2019)


  • The System Preferences page has been split into two pages:
  • You can now specify the Licenser Host for Eggplant Functional from the Eggplant Manager UI.
  • Adds a certificate to Windows installers.

7.0.1 (13 November 2019)


  • Adds support for macOS 15.
  • LDAP functionality now requires the use of LDAPS via a third-party certificate.

7.0 (7 October 2019)


  • Adds support for LDAP authentication.
  • Administrators can now manage and reassign SUT reservations from other users in the same group.
  • Adds CentOS 7 system service installation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where some users saw duplicate script log results.
  • Fixes results processing on 500 errors.

6.44 (18 July 2019)


  • Adds additional diagnostic logging to allow for better troubleshooting of failures that occur during Eggplant AI model executions.
  • Adds pre-execution validation of inputs to Eggplant AI model executions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a resource allocation error that happened if two or more repository paths began with similar characters.
  • Fixes an issue where system under test (SUT) hostnames were not being resolved for reservations, which prevented connections to SUTs that were configured with hostnames instead of IP addresses.
  • Fixes an issue where cloned tests containing Eggplant AI model executions failed to run.
  • Fixes an issue where specifying a -LicenserHost argument in System-Wide Arguments didn't work for Eggplant AI model executions.

6.43 (10 June 2019)


  • Adds additional methods to the REST API to allow creation, modification, and removal of SUTs.
  • Adds additional fields to SUT REST API responses: address, port, sut_type, user_name, rdp_height, and rdp_width.
  • Adds the ability to abort a test run while it is still in the pre-execution phase.
  • Updates the Eggplant AI integration to support an upcoming Eggplant AI release.
    Important: Eggplant Manager 6.43 is not compatible with Eggplant AI versions older than 3.0. Versions of Eggplant Manager older than 6.43 are not compatible with Eggplant AI 3.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a resource allocation error test run status that happened when existing Sessions or Results could not be removed from a suite during pre-execution.
  • Optimizes helper suite resolution to speed up test run pre-execution times.
  • Adds a configuration option to help prevent corrupted PDF reports for large tests

6.42 (8 April 2019)


  • Adds SUT Monitoring, an optional background task to test availability of SUTs, and REST API support for this feature.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where users were not able to increase SUT port forward range in System Preferences if the application was licensed only for Eggplant Manager.

6.41 (14 January 2019)


  • Adds write/update support for execution configurations to the REST API.
  • Adds mobile WebDriver support for Eggplant Automation Cloud.
  • Updates Test Advisor and Release Advisor with a new back end.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes USB SUT options not working with recent Android Gateway versions.
  • Fixes occasional failures of file transfers to mobile devices.
  • Fixes SUT connection checks sometimes failing when connection is available.

6.4 (8 November 2018)


  • Adds integration between Eggplant Manager and Eggplant AI.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue that caused some test runs to never finish.

  • Fixes an intermittent exception that occurred when accessing certain pages.

  • Fixes an error that occurred when aborting a test run.

6.32 (27 July 2018)


  • Increases the default JVM heap size for servers and adds configuration options.
  • Adds a configuration option to enable/disable mDNS VNC service discovery.
  • Moves the "Events" navigation bar item to the Admin menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes warnings about .plist files in Eggplant Functional results during results processing.
  • Fixes an issue where the agent didn't properly detect the server IP under some network configurations.
  • Fixes an unhandled exception that happened if a test configuration contained invalid UTF8 characters after encryption/decryption.
  • Fixes SUT reservations sometimes not being canceled after a test run finishes.
  • Fixes the license panel incorrectly showing licenses as expired when they have between 0 and 24 hours remaining.
  • Fixes bad links in the "Update Available" notification.
  • Fixes test "stop on failure" not behaving as expected if Eggplant Functional is run in GUI mode.
  • Fixes an issue with System Helper sometimes not starting on Mac.
  • Fixes file transfer failures between server and agent involving large payloads.

6.31 (9 May 2018)


  • Addresses password security concerns by no longer displaying plain-text passwords in test configuration or logs by default.
  • Supports emailed reports of colored Gherkin results, as well as summaries of passes, failures, warnings, and skipped steps per test.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes SMTP connections ignoring TLS setting for configurations not using any authentication.

6.3 (10 April 2018)


  • Improved performance.
  • Improved support for custom commands in command-line repositories.
  • New default theme.
  • Automatic database backups during upgrades.
  • Adds the ability to export filtered HTML and PDF versions of the log file results page.

Bug Fixes

  • Localhost agent no longer requires firewall modifications.
  • Fixes an issue with System Helper sometimes not starting on Mac.
  • Prevents invalid SUT values from being written to database during USB and network discovery.

6.21 (19 October 2017)

Bug Fixes

  • Solves an issue where the reservation page failed to load after new SUTs were discovered.
  • Release Advisor advisories now load after the initial load.
  • Fixes an unhandled exception that occurred when a test run zip export failed to produce a valid zip file.
  • Fixes a problem where Eggplant Manager and Eggplant Automation Cloud didn't recognize newer installed Android Gateway versions.

6.2 (16 October 2017)


  • Adds JIRA integration to allow users to file issues in JIRA from Eggplant Manager and attach pertinent files from the test run.
  • Adds the Release Advisor tool so users can view upcoming operating system and browser updates and learn about potential impacts on existing applications (Eggplant Automation Cloud only).
  • Adds support for running Eggplant Functional API tests.


  • Fixes blank devices being added during USB SUT discovery.
  • Fixes an exception when selecting a blank feature file in an edit script dialog.
  • Fixes the report runner not always regenerating custom reports.
  • Fixes an incorrect agent status Communication Error when server HTTPS is enabled.
  • Fixes a possible hang during show apps, install app, and check SUT status.

6.11 (21 August 2017)


  • Adds support for Gherkin tags.
  • Adds Gherkin-style results for Gherkin executions.
  • Adds an option to run test configurations with best effort. If specified SUTs are not available during test pre-execution, the test skips them and continues on available SUTs.
  • Adds an "on demand" agent status check to diagnose and confirm agent availability.
  • Adds the ability to poll mobile device metadata (name, manufacturer, model, OS, OS version) for Android Gateway or iOS Gateway SUTs using IP address and port.
  • Reservation contentions are now automatically filed by eggPlant Manager when it encounters unavailable (reserved) SUTs during test pre-execution.
  • New Data Bindings for Test Advisor allow you to create logical equivalents between metadata on your SUTs for identifying owned devices in Test Advisor.
  • Adds a refresh button to custom reports on the Dashboard.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Adds a confirmation dialog window when uninstalling an application on a mobile SUT from the reservation panel.
  • REST API Test executions now use the configuration_environment specified in the request.
  • Fixes a bad API response that happened when reservation creation was attempted but could not be saved.

6.1 (17 July 2017)


  • New Test Advisor in eggCloud checks anticipated market penetration for mobile devices across multiple regions to plan device coverage for testing.
  • Uninstall option added to eggCloud for managed application in reservation app list.
  • Hovered row on reservations page is highlighted in eggCloud.
  • Users can now create reservations for themselves via the REST API in eggCloud.
  • Test-level agent selection is now available in eggPlant Manager.
  • You can now show the number of instances for a selected configuration in eggPlant Manager.

Bug Fixes

  • Significantly improves test start-up time for tests with complex dependency hierarchies in eggPlant Manager.
  • Fixes a suite dependency circular reference detection failure for suites inside other suites in eggPlant Manager.
  • Fixes an issue where test results sometimes were displayed twice in eggPlant Manager.
  • Handles file access exceptions during .zip exports of test runs in eggPlant Manager.

6.02 (13 April 2017)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the report runner including stale data in the reports.
  • Fixed an issue with the comment drawer being unavailable when editing some record types.
  • Masked the Subversion password entry in the password dialog box located in the repository configuration
  • Fixed an issue with Android Gateway 4.1 not launching from eggPlant Manager and eggCloud.
  • Fixed an issue with report configuration not working correctly after changing a report name.
  • Changed eggPlant Manager so that it uses server local time for time stamps when sending test run notification emails.

6.00 (30 March 2017)


  • Added the ability to create custom reports.
  • Added the ability to customize dashboards.
  • Added pagination for Test Run tables.
  • The reservation information shown in the dashboard now updates in real time.
  • Added the TCP SUT type.
  • Added the ability to import an eggPlant Functional SUT connection list.
  • Added a Blacklist filter to the Show Apps button on the Reservations information panel.
  • The Navigation bar now stays at top of the window and no longer scrolls out of view.
  • Added API tokens for API access.
  • Added reservation support to the REST API.
  • Optional form elements now show.
  • Added a configurable limit for the log directory size.
  • Added the ability to zip old log files.
  • Log line text coloring now matches the coloring used in eggPlant Functional.
  • Added the ability to choose test cases for test case export.
  • Added a configurable Max Test Timeout constraint to ePM System Preferences.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with new scripts sometimes being prevented from being added to a test.
  • Fixed an issue with the Go to Results button in the Dashboard chart failing due to a large numbers of results.
  • Fixed an issue with the results tree intermittently going blank.
  • Fixed an issue with the SUT connection check sometimes checking the wrong SUT.
  • Fixed an issue with the SUT rules not saving on create.
  • Fixed an issue with the progress bar showing negative values.
  • Fix the issue with an invalid byte sequence exception occurring during a CLI repository checkout/update.
  • Fixed an issue with the scroll wheel changing run now instances, repeats, and licenses.
  • Fixed an issue with ePM not resolving helper suites if suiteInfo contains a string that includes a newline.
  • Fixed the issue with the browser not reloading after removing a license.

5.21 (17 November 2016)


  • Supports new eggPlant Functional 64-bit installation path on Windows out of the box.

Bug Fixes

  • Stops mobile SUTs and virtual machine SUTs from showing as ready when they are not running.
  • Fixes issue with browser hanging while uploading large apps.
  • Fixes several rare errors that can occur during results processing.

5.2 (13 October 2016)


  • Added Application Management capabilities.
  • Added Global Comments in Edit menus.
  • Added new CLI repository helper types for Git, Mercurial, and Subversion.
  • Now records Test Case information from script results.
  • Added performance chart based on Test Cases to Dashboard.
  • Added capability to export eggCloud reports to CSV.
  • 'Run Now' advanced settings are now persistent.
  • Added eggPlant Manager/eggCloud REST API.
  • Added eggPlant Manager helper application for CLI/VCS repositories on Windows.
  • Added support for VMWare virtual machines.
  • Allows users to select a cleanup script ('Always Run' script).
  • Added support for invoking eggPlant Functional's BDD/Gherkin framework.
  • Added Test Groups.
  • Shows Test Case data in performance/timing graphs
  • Detects device contention. Users can report if a device is unavailable when they want to use it (eggCloud only).
  • Added ability to test remote connections to SUTs.
  • Warns users if removing a SUT causes a rule-based SUT to no longer have any matches.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error processing Test Run results if files change inside the suite resources folder during an eggPlant Manager Test Run.
  • Fixed scripts not running in specified order in some environments.
  • Fixed an exception while viewing results of a CLI execution that has been removed from a Test.
  • Fixed an error while saving discovered network SUTs.
  • Fixed a problem with some Test Run files not being removed when the test run is removed.
  • Fixed a Test Run abort issue that caused all eggPlant Functional processes to be killed.
  • Fixed an error causing ad hoc eggCloud reservations to disconnect when those reservations are extended.

5.12 (1 June 2016)


  • Improve usability of Access Groups (allow mapping groups of users to groups of SUTs).
  • Add configuration option to allow specifying an alternative location for eggPlant Manager cache (OS X and Linux only).


  • Fixed server instances failing to start, which caused sluggish performance in browser.
  • Fixed regression introduced in 5.11 that caused intermittent 'stuck on running' test runs.
  • Fixed a problem where system preferences changes made as soon as the application was started could get lost.
  • Fixed log results displayed in incorrect order in results tree.

5.11 (12 May 2016)


  • Added system under test (SUT) name to results at log file, execution, and instance levels (eggPlant Manager only).
  • Highlight log messages in log files based on message type (log, error, warn, success) (eggPlant Manager only).

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a problem downloading and installing appliances.
  • Fixed items being displayed in incorrect order in results tree (eggPlant Manager only).
  • Fixed items being displayed in incorrect order in New Script and Edit Script dialog boxes (eggPlant Manager only).
  • Fixed possible port conflicts between Mobile/Mobile Emulator SUTs.
  • Fixed various issues causing tests to become stuck if HTTPS is enabled (eggPlant Manager only).
  • Fixed exception while running a test with RDP SUT that has width and height set (eggPlant Manager only).
  • Fixed exception while loading the Appliances page if the TestPlant Appliances repository can't be contacted.
  • Fixed Appliances page being accessible if VirtualBox is not installed.

5.1 (29 April 2016)

Note: Release notes for eggPlant Manager 5.1 are combined with eggCloud 5.1 because the products release together and install together.

New Features


  • Auto provisioning of virtual machines (VMs) for use as SUTs via Oracle VM VirtualBox.
  • iOS Gateway integration (requires iOS Gateway 3.1, coming soon).
  • Android Gateway integration (requires Android Gateway 3.1, just released).
  • Experimental support for iOS Simulator as a SUT.
  • Experimental support for Android Emulators as SUTs.
  • Network discovery for SUTs on the local network.


  • HTTP URL callback/notification when test runs finish.
  • Drop-down selection boxes for populating SUT metadata based on previously entered data.
  • Persistent filters for test runs.
  • Option to send login credentials to users via email (requires properly configured SMTP settings).
  • Upload problem reports directly from browser.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Option to hide On Demand schedules.
  • Ability to delete schedules in batches.
  • Improved ability to retrieve partial results from a failed, timed-out, or aborted test run (eggPlant Manager only).
  • Made it easier to set up multi-instance test runs (eggPlant Manager only).
  • Dramatically reduced disk usage during typical use (eggPlant Manager only).
  • Reduced footprint and increased performance for port forwarding (eggCloud only).
  • Added screen size configuration for RDP SUTs (eggPlant Manager only).

5.02 (10 December 2015)

Note: Release notes for eggPlant Manager 5.02 are combined with eggCloud 5.02 because the products release together and install together.


Added support for the SMTP No authentication type in the eggPlant Manager email configuration.


  • Resolved an issue with the Trigger a Test URL tests failing in eggPlant Manager.
  • Resolved an issue in both eggCloud and eggPlant Manager reservation validation that prevented reservations from being made for a device that already had future reservations.

5.01 (30 November 2015)

Note: Release notes for eggPlant Manager 5.01 are combined with eggCloud 5.01 because the products release together and install together.


Added a prompt in eggPlant Manager to ask users if they want to save changes when navigating away from a configuration that has changed.


  • Resolved an issue in eggCloud where all users were being treated as the same user when connecting from eggPlant Functional.
  • Resolved the issue in eggPlant Manager where canceling a repository checkout was not working.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented both eggCloud and eggPlant Manager from being licensed on non-English versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • Resolved an issue in eggPlant Manager that prevented changes to configurations from being saved.

5.0 (18 November 2015)

Note: Release notes for eggPlant Manager 5.0 are combined with eggCloud 5.0 because both products are released and install together; however, not all features apply to both products.

New Features

  • eggPlant Manager 5.0 and eggCloud 5.0 now fully integrated in the same web interface (licensed separately).
  • eggCloud 5.0 now supported on Windows operating systems.
  • USB Discovery detects connected devices and uses discovered metadata to automatically create SUTs.
  • New test Configurations allow running the same test against different SUTs with side-by-side comparison of results.
  • Added eggPlant Network integration to allow for running tests with network emulation.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Changed schedule and agent licensing terminology to make it easier to understand.
  • New browser UI navigation components.
  • Database backend changed, allowing better performance and reliability under load.

Licensing Changes

  • Both eggPlant Manager and eggCloud now use node-locked licenses.

4.03 (15 June 2015)

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improve performance on Windows Server environments.
  • Prevent agent execution being allocated 0 intances, which was causing a divide by zero exception in the execution monitor.

4.01 (29 January 2015)

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix tests being able to be deleted without confirmation.
  • Fix false positive for "No Agents Available" on systems where the ping utility isn't available.
  • Fix data migration failure if a schedule is assigned to an agent that no longer exists.
  • Fix 'start_server' command not also starting the scheduler process.
  • Fix eggPlant Functional console log export.
  • Fix scripts within a test executing in the wrong order.
  • Fix not being able to connect to an eggCloud running on a port other than port 80.
  • Improve eggCloud integration for making and extending reservations.

4.0 (9 January 2015)

New Features

  • Added support for eggPlant Functional keyword-driven tests, eggPlant Manager can now see keyword-driven tests inside suites and run them.
  • Added support for eggPlant Functional schedules, eggPlant Manager can now display eggPlant Functional schedules in your suites and run them.
  • Added support for arbitrary script execution, you will be able to select shell/batch files to run with eggPlant Manager.
  • When running a test via a schedule or Execute Now, you will be able to set instances and licenses to use separately.

    This leverages the functionality added in the 3.1 release of eggPlant Manager which allowed running multiple instances against different SUTs and will enable testing against any number of SUTs using however many licenses are specified.

  • Added eggCloud integration, eggPlant Manager now has the capability to pull the device list from eggCloud and add it to the available SUTs, as well as creating, extending, and cancelling it's own reservations.

Fixes and Improvements

  • The SUT dialog now has a username field field to allow easier use of the eggPlant Functional RDP connection method.
  • A new test run status has been added for test runs that don't encounter any errors but did have warnings. This status shows as yellow in the browser UI, and execution failure statuses are now purple.
  • Improved eggPlant Manager's capability in processing and displaying large numbers of results.
  • Fix an issue causing accumulation of browser cookies preventing UI access until browser cache cleared manually.

3.12 (3 September 2014)

Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed an issue where any test run which included a suite with more than one helper suite would fail.
  • Changed behavior when errors allocating helper suites are encountered. Previously the the test run would end with a Resource Allocation error. Instead a warning will be sent to the user interface, and details will be logged, but the execution will still be attempted.
  • Fix an issue preventing SUTs from correctly being matched against group rules if the tag name included a space.

3.11 (26 August 2014)

Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed an issue where a resource allocation error did not get reported properly to the user interface and prevented subsequent executions.
  • Fixed Command Line Repositories being set as invalid.
  • Added a check for the disabled flag on helper suites before trying to locate them on the file system.
  • Fixed SMTP settings requiring eggPlant Manager to be restarted to take effect. They will now apply as soon as they are saved.

3.1 (15 August 2014)

New Features
  • Reworked 'Run Every' type schedules to behave more intuitively, and allow easier configuration for irregular intervals.
  • Added PDF and HTML export types for individual Test Runs - PDF Reports will be attached to test run complete notifications.
  • Added CSV export.
  • Added support for exporting multiple test runs as JSON, XML, and CSV.
  • Added multiple new statuses for Test Runs to aid in diagnosing problems preventing execution.
  • Added view of suite and script settings and information on repositories page, view of script code from new/edit script dialog.
  • Added a calendar based visual scheduler.
  • Added repeat options for on demand tests, test will repeat until set conditions are satisfied.
  • Added detection of eggPlant Functional helper suites.
  • Added batch assignment of SUTs at the Test, Schedule, and Script level via key/value tagging.
  • Added mapping of multiple SUTs to separate instances of a test run via SUT groups.
  • Added SUT locking to prevent multiple eggPlant Manager executions from attempting to access the same SUT at the same time.
  • Added a view of active eggPlant Functional processes running on eggPlant Manager agent on the Agents page.
  • Added a setting for tests to prevent it from hanging and never finishing (Test will be killed after set amount of time).
  • Added a setting for tests to discontinue execution if a script fails.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved validation throughout to prevent bad configurations.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the log window to disappear on Windows.
  • Fixed the agent setting to specify a different path to eggPlant Functional (for installs in non-default locations).
  • Various minor fixes in error handling and startup.

3.04 (6 May 2014)

Fixes and Improvements
  • Fix an issue affecting some browsers causing system preferences to not be saved correctly.
  • Add additional error handling for scheduling and results processing.
  • Fix an issue that would use the wrong email address if the email notification 'Send From' address did not belong to the the authenticating account.

3.03 (20 March 2014)

Fixes and Improvements
  • Improved support for concurrent test runs.
  • Database performance improvement on Microsoft Windows platforms.

3.02 (3 March 2014)

Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed an issue preventing eggPlant Functional script logs from being viewed if the suite did not contain any images.
  • Improved reliability of eggPlant Manager Server and Agent communication in less-than-ideal network situations.

3.01 (24 February 2014)

Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed an issue preventing CRON schedules from being altered after initial creation.

3.0 (18 February 2014)

New Features
  • Added the ability to run eggPlant Manager and/or the RQM Adapter as a service on Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  • Test Progress. Running tests now display a progress bar, where test progress is based on the average duration of the last five runs of that test.
  • Highlighted Log Lines. On the Results page, you can now highlight lines of interest in your eggPlant log. To toggle the highlight on a log line, right-click the line and choose “Toggle Highlight”.
  • Tree Views. Added tree structure to the Results page to make it easier to navigate through the instance and script results of a given test run.
  • System Preferences. Added System Preferences to the Admin menu.
  • Triggering Test URL. On the Test page, you can now click the Trigger a Test URL button to receive a URL that you can access to trigger a test run outside of eggPlant Manager.
  • Filtered XML Exports. Now, when you export test results, you can choose to export XML or JSON, with or without log files.
  • Test Statistics. Test pages now show the success percentage for the past 24 hours and past 5 days.
  • Mail Test Results. In System Preferences, you can now set up mail accounts to send and receive test results.
  • Failure View. On the Results page, there is now a button that toggles a Failures-Only Results view.
  • Custom Port Configuration. In System Preferences, you can now specify a custom port number for the eggPlant Manager server and scheduler. You can also specify a custom port number for each agent.
  • File browser for Repository path. Now, instead of typing the file path to a new repository, you can select the repository in a file browser.
  • Repository commands. Added the ability to retrieve and update suites from SCM tools such as GIT, Subversion, Perforce, and Mercurial.
  • Mac OS X Support for RQM. You can now run Rational Quality Manager (RQM) agents on Mac OS X.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Increased reliability when aborting a test run
  • Improved communication between the RQM Adapter and IBM Rational Quality Manager
  • Fixed a problem that could prevent simultaneous test schedules from running.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the eggPlant Manager to report that the database was locked.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a test run to be reported as Running after the test had ended.

2.22 (7 November 2013) Windows Only

New Features
  • Added the ability to run eggPlant Manager and/or the RQM Adapter as a service on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Increased reliability when aborting a test run
  • Improved communication between the RQM Adapter and IBM Rational Quality Manager

2.21 (23 October 2013) Mac Only

Fixes and Improvements
  • Better handling for permission denied on hidden folders
  • Fixed an issue with a Test Run Archive exception on fresh installs
  • Improved install package performance and reliability

2.2 (3 October 2013)

New Features
  • Download a complete Archive of your Test Run (All resources exactly as used by the test)
  • Added the capability to abort test runs
  • Capability to target a Test Run against a specific Agent

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a problem that could prevent schedules that started at the same time from running
  • Added the capability to view the images named in log files
  • Added the ability to view the eggPlant console output
  • Significantly faster performance for Tests with large collections of resources
  • Improved Scheduler Control and Reliability

2.11 (18 July 2013)

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a problem where the web UI could lose it's connection to the server on IE
  • Fixed a problem on Mac where executions would silently fail when the user couldn't set permissions
  • Fixed a problem in the Admin sections where new user password fields were shown in cleartext

2.1 (17 April 2013)

New Features
  • Full International Support for Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Support for Multibyte characters throughout Suite, Script and Image files
  • Added the ability to view ScreenErrors or captured images from the log viewer
  • Added the ability to access the console log for execution sessions

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved Startup procedure to prevent multiple startups which would cause interference
  • Fixed a problem where the dashboard chart could hang
  • Fixed a problem using European date format
  • Fixed a problem with new tests not being selectable in the dashboards
  • Improved sorting to better handle large numbers and lower-case strings
  • Fixed a problem with filename that had special characters (like Icon^M)
  • Solved a number of UTF-8 sequence exceptions

2.0 (12 April 2013)

Major Features
  • New User Interface
  • Faster/More Robust Database
  • Improved Platform Support

NoteIf you are upgrading from a 1.x release you will need to move your database, cache and license files as instructed by the installation process. Once you've installed and relaunched eggPlant Manager your existing tests and schedules will run as before.

1.3 (11 July 2012)

Major Features
  • Added Support for integration with IBM Rational Quality Manager

1.2 (10 February 2012)

1.1 (26 May 2011)

1.0 (12 April 2011)

eggPlant Manager Initial Release


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