About Eggplant Manual

Eggplant Manual is Eggplant’s manual testing solution. It gives you the ability to execute all required manual tests directly from your PC. With Eggplant Manual, you can connect to a wide variety of platforms and device types. Eggplant Manual provides full control of the system being tested, as well as documentation capabilities, and a free five-day trial of Eggplant Functional so you have the chance to see what automated testing can do for your team.

Eggplant Manual can also be used to connect to devices through Eggplant Automation Cloud, so that your team can manage who is testing against which devices, and when.

Eggplant Manual Uses a Two-System Model

Eggplant Manual works using a two-system model, just like Eggplant Functional. This means that Eggplant Manual runs on one machine, but can connect to any number of other machines or mobile devices.

The first system is the machine running Eggplant Manual. This can be a Mac, Windows, or Linux machine. The second system is the system under test (SUT). This is where the application to be tested is running. The SUT can be any system, including desktop machines, virtual machines, or mobile devices.

Eggplant Manual uses Virtual Network Computing (VNC) to "look at" the SUT and send mouse and keyboard commands to it.

Simple diagram of Eggplant Manual environment setup

Why Use Eggplant Manual?

Anyone can sit in front of a computer to test an application, but with a team of testers who need to conduct manual testing, it can be useful to share systems, and to conduct tests in standardized environments. With Eggplant Manual, manual testers can access systems remotely to conduct manual testing. Eggplant Manual can be used to connect directly to SUTs or connect through Eggplant Automation Cloud to manage and schedule connections.

Overview: How to Use Eggplant Manual

  1. Install Eggplant Manual on the machine where you will be working.
  2. Install a VNC Server on the SUT. See VNC Server Recommendations for more information.
  3. Select a SUT from the Connection List in Eggplant Manual and open a VNC connection.
  4. This will bring up the Eggplant Manual Viewer window, which allows you to see the screen of the SUT in real time and control it as if you were sitting in front of it.
  5. Execute your manual tests on the remote SUT through the Eggplant Manual Viewer window.
  6. It is possible to also capture images through the Eggplant Manual Viewer window that can later be used in Eggplant Functional automated tests.


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