Integrating Eggplant Network with Eggplant Manager

Eggplant Manager integrates with Eggplant Network, Eggplant's network emulation appliance, letting you test your applications under different network conditions within the same tests. You specify a connection to the Eggplant Network machine on the System Preferences page in Eggplant Manager (Admin > System Preferences).

Note: Only users with the Administrator role can see and access the Admin menu.

Step by Step: Connecting to Eggplant Network

To configure access to your Eggplant Network appliance, on the System Preferences page in Eggplant Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll to the Eggplant Network section.
    The Eggplant Network section of the System Preferences page in Eggplant Manager

    The Eggplant Network section of the System Preferences page in Eggplant Manager.

  2. In the Host field, enter the IP address for your Eggplant Network appliance.
  3. In the Username and Password fields, fill in your login credentials for Eggplant Network. Typically, you want to use the Administrator account here. However, if you have emulations saved to specific Eggplant Network user accounts other than the Administrator account, you need to use those login credentials to access those emulations. For information about Eggplant Network user accounts, see Eggplant Network Administrator Options.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Applying Network Emulation to Tests

When you have an active connection with the appliance, you can create and run tests that take advantage of the network emulation capabilities of Eggplant Network. You can choose specific emulations from Eggplant Network to apply to scripts in tests, which then creates the defined network conditions during the script run.

Because Eggplant Network emulations are applied at the script level, you choose emulations on the New Script or Edit Script dialog box. When you've created a connection to Eggplant Network, these dialog boxes include two additional fields:

Configure Eggplant Network emulations on the New Script dialog box in Eggplant Manager

  • Emulations: Choose an emulation from the drop-down list. Eggplant Manager shows emulations in the drop-down list that belong to the user account you used on the System Preferences page to connect to Eggplant Network. (Note that you could have emulations saved under different user accounts in Eggplant Network, so it's important that you use the correct credentials.)
  • Port Pair: Choose the port pair you want to use from the drop-down list. The port pairs match the ones from Eggplant Network.

For complete information about using Eggplant Network, see the Eggplant Network documentation.


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