Mobile Device SUTs in Eggplant Manager

You can connect to and run tests on Android and iOS systems under test (SUTs) with Eggplant Manager just as you do with Eggplant Functional alone.

Each mobile device that you want to use must be added to Eggplant Manager as a SUT so that the connection can be made at test runtime. For information about adding SUTs, see Adding SUTs in Eggplant Manager.

Note: You must use the VNC SUT type when automating with Android Gateway 6.0.
Note: Mobile device SUTs must be connected via USB to the machine where Eggplant Manager is running.

Mobile Device Support Applications

For Eggplant Manager to connect to mobile device SUTs, you must install the appropriate support application, which you can download for free from the Eggplant Mobile Gateways Downloads page.

To connect to Android devices using the mobile SUT type, you need Android Gateway 3.1-5.6.1. To connect to iOS devices, you need to install iOS Gateway 3.1 or later.

When you have either of these applications installed, you'll be able to use the Mobile SUT type when adding SUTs manually. You can also add mobile device SUTs with the SUT Discovery feature to automatically enter device information with the Mobile SUT type.

Note: If you don't have the support application installed, you won't be able to connect to that device type through Eggplant Manager.

For complete information about using Android Gateway, see Getting Started with Android Gateway. For complete information about using iOS Gateway, see Getting Started with iOS Gateway.

Running Tests on Mobile Device SUTs

You specify a mobile device SUT in the same way you do any other SUT. That is, you can specify it in any of the SUT drop-down lists—at the test level, at the schedule level, or at the script level. Be sure you understand SUT priority if you have SUTs specified at multiple levels for the same test.

When you launch a test on a mobile device SUT, Eggplant Manager launches the support application along with Eggplant Functional to open the connection to the device and complete the test. At the conclusion of the test, Eggplant Manager closes the mobile support application along with Eggplant Functional.

For Eggplant Manager to automate the launch and quit of iOS Gateway or Android Gateway, the SUT type must be entered as Mobile SUT when you add the SUT to the SUTs administration page.

Using VNC Mobile Device SUTs

You can enter mobile devices on the SUTs administration page with the type VNC instead of Mobile SUT. If you do, you will need to manually launch the appropriate support application (Android Gateway for Android devices; iOS Gateway for iOS devices) and make the connection through that application to the device before starting the test run through Eggplant Manager.

To make the connection from Eggplant Manager with this configuration, you will use the IP address for the connection that the support application provides, entering it into the IP Address field in the New SUT or Edit SUT dialog box.


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