Virtual Machine SUTs in Eggplant Manager

You can use virtual machines (VMs) as systems under test (SUTs) in Eggplant Manager. In fact, Eggplant Manager can manage some VMs for you so that it will launch a requested VM SUT at test runtime, then shut it down when the test completes.

This functionality is available for virtual machine SUTs set up in either VirtualBox or certain VMware applications.

VirtualBox SUTs

SUTs managed with Oracle VM VirtualBox can be automatically launched at runtime, then shut down when the test is done. VirtualBox is an open source virtual machine monitor that you can download for free. For additional convenience, you should also install the VirtualBox Extension Pack, which lets VirtualBox manage the connection with the VM and makes SUT setup in Eggplant Manager simpler. See Setting up VirtualBox SUTs to learn how to configure VirtualBox use in Eggplant Manager.

VMware SUTs

SUTs managed with VMware Fusion or Fusion Pro (running on Mac) or Workstation Pro (Windows or Linux) also can be automatically launched at runtime. VMware SUTs can be configured in the New SUT window, found at Admin > SUTs > New SUT. Note that when a test runs on a VMware VM, the GUI for that VM does not open. 

Note: Only users with the Administrator role can see and access the Admin menu.

Other Virtual Machines

If you use a different VM management system, you can still connect to those VMs as SUTs in Eggplant Manager by using the VNC or RDP SUT type. However, you will have to make sure the SUTs are running at test runtime. Note that you can also configure VMware or VirtualBox VMs as VNC or RDP SUTs, but Eggplant Manager cannot perform automated launch or shut down these SUTs.


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