Static Injector Families

Static injectors are defined as physical or virtual machines running Eggplant Performance injector software that are always on the same host. That is, these injectors use a static IP address or hostname.

Static injectors are housed in Eggplant Performance Studio within static injector families. The injector family provides the configuration settings for multiple similar injectors. Static injector families are found in the workspace tree in Studio under Injector Families.

When you create a new injector family in the Create an Injector Family wizard, you choose whether the family is for Static, Eggplant Cloud, or Public Cloud injectors. After the injector family is created, you can't change the type (although you can always create new injector families and delete existing ones).

For information about configuring a Static injector family, go to Configuring Static Injector Families.

To learn how to add injectors to a Static injector family, go to Adding Static Injectors.


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