Eggplant Functionalの使用方法

Eggplant Functional is Eggplant's test automation tool. As you use Eggplant Functional, you will have many tasks that you return to frequently.   Although your workflow might vary, the following outline describes the tasks that form the core of your testing with Eggplant Functional and points to the additional pages where you can find detailed information about each topic.


使用する接続方法は接続するシステムのタイプ、すなわちモバイルデバイス、デスクトップコンピュータ、その他に応じて変わります。 The Connecting to SUTs section includes information on how to use the Eggplant Functional interface to connect to Android devices, iOS devices, as well as different desktop operating systems.


スクリプトを作成して実行するには多くの時間がかかることがたまにあります。 The Creating Scripts section includes information about working in Eggplant Functional's Script Editor, including the different modes of script creation that are available to you. Because image searching is at the heart of Eggplant Functional, you'll also find information about capturing and working with images, including image capture best practices. SenseTalkスクリプト言語とデバッグのテクニックの基本もこの章で解説しています。


You can run scripts from the Eggplant Functional interface as well as from the command line. 複数のスクリプトを実行するスケジュールの設定も可能です。 In the Running Scripts section, you'll also find information about reading test results, about using keyword-driven testing with Eggplant Functional, and about using Eggdrive to incorporate external tests with Eggplant Functional.


Go to the Preferences section to learn about customizing the Eggplant Functional environment by adjusting the Preference settings.

Using Source Control Management (SCM)

Go to SCM to understand how to use Eggplant Functional to work with repositories in SCM.


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