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Capturing Images in Eggplant Functional

Eggplant Functional is an image-based test automation tool. Because you will need images for your scripts to find in your systems under test (SUTs), the Eggplant Functional interface provides many features to help you capture and manage your image resources.

Images that your scripts call are stored in the Suite window's Image pane. You can read about the capabilities available to you in this area in The Image Viewer.

With an active connection to a SUT, you can use the Viewer window to find and capture images that you want to use in scripts and generate script code at the same time. Learn about using these features in The Viewer Window.

Eggplant Functional provides basic image editing capabilities through its Image Editor, and you can create image collections so that searches can look for images in different states at the same time.

When working with images, you will also find these topics useful: