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Connecting to Sauce Labs Devices and Browsers

Eggplant Functional has integrated the Eggplant Gateway which allows Eggplant Functional to support Sauce Labs systems under test (SUTs). The following types of Sauce Labs SUTs are supported:

  • Desktop Browsers
  • Real iOS and Android Mobile Devices

For more information about Sauce Labs or the Eggplant Gateway please visit their websites.


In order to use Sauce Labs devices and browsers, you must first create a Sauce Labs account. Please refer to Sauce Labs for details. Note that webdriver commands are not supported for Sauce Labs Safari browser connections.

Connecting using Eggplant Functional

To connect to a Sauce Labs browser or device using the Eggplant Functional Connection List select the Sauce Labs connection type on the New Connection panel. Please see Adding or Editing a SUT in the Connection List for details on how to create Sauce Labs connections.

Connecting using SenseTalk

Additionally, you can create and connect to Sauce Labs SUTs using the SenseTalk Connect Command.

Connecting using Sauce Connect Proxy

In most cases, you can connect to Sauce Labs Devices and Browsers using the public internet. If your company has firewall rules that limit your ability to connect to outside networks, you can use the Sauce Connect Proxy feature to securely connect from Eggplant Functional to Sauce Labs. The Sauce Connect Proxy functionality allows you to connect to Sauce Labs without exposing your company's IT infrastructure to security risks.


Sauce Labs provides 2 types of secure tunnels: Sauce Connect Proxy and Sauce IPSec Proxy. Eggplant Functional currently supports Sauce Connect Proxy. Please contact Eggplant Support if your organization requires use of the IPSec Proxy. For more information visit Sauce Trusted Connections.

To use the Sauce Connect feature, first install, configure, and launch the Sauce Connect Proxy client on the same machine where you are running Eggplant Functional. For detailed steps on installing and using Sauce Connect Proxy, visit Sauce Tunnels and Troubleshooting information. Once you have started Sauce Connect Proxy, you can proceed to set up your Sauce Labs connections as discussed in Connecting using Eggplant or Connecting using SenseTalk.


Once you launch the Sauce Connect Proxy from the terminal on your Eggplant Functional system, you'll need the corresponding Tunnel Name and Tunnel Owner values to use for the connection in Eggplant. You can retrieve the Tunnel Name and Tunnel Owner values on the Sauce Tunnels page in Sauce Labs after you've launched Sauce Connect. Once you have those values, enter them into the appropriate connection parameters when you establish the connection in Eggplant.