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Windows, Mac, and Linux SUTs

You can use Eggplant Functional to automate testing on desktop systems under test (SUTs) connected with VNC or RDP connections. If your testing requires it, you can use encrypted connections.

VNC vs. RDP Connections: There are two ways to connect to desktop SUTs. RDP is a Windows-only protocol. VNC works for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

VNC Servers: There are several options for installing VNC servers.

VNC Security: You can secure a VNC server using a password or SSH encryption.

Encrypted VNC Connections with Stunnel: Stunnel creates a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption wrapper for VNC connections that is transparent to both the client and server.

Using Non-English Keyboards with RDP: If your testing includes the use of non-English keyboards and an RDP connection, you might need to perform additional configuration steps.