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Other Types of SUTs

Eggplant Functional is commonly used to test on desktop, Android, and iOS systems under test (SUTs), but it can also automate a variety of other devices, with different connection methods. Video gaming systems and other set-top boxes and Windows phones are some of the other types of SUTs you can test.

Screenshot Connections: Use screenshot connections for troubleshooting and for creating character collections.

Using a KVM-over-IP Device: A KVM-over-IP device provides a hardware-based VNC server solution for automating your SUT using Eggplant Functional.

Testing Set-Top Boxes: Use video capture devices combined with Eggplant Functional to test set-top boxes.

Testing Windows RT Devices: Automating mobile devices running Windows RT requires specific configuration steps.

Sound Testing with Eggplant Solutions: Integrate sound quality analysis and sound streaming software into the Eggplant environment to facilitate sound testing of (SUTs).