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Quick Reference: Eggplant Functional Functions

The following table lists common SenseTalk functions that you can use with Eggplant Functional scripts.

ColorAtLocationThe color of the pixel at a given location (Default: RGB value)
ConnectionInfoA connection property list
EggPlantVersionThe version number of your copy of Eggplant Functional
EveryImageLocationThe hot spot location of every occurrence of the given image or images
EveryImageRectangleRectangle coordinates of every occurrence of the given image or images
FoundImageInfoAn image property list for the last image found
FoundImageLocationThe location of the last image found
FoundImageName()(Deprecated. See foundImageInfo().) Name of the last image found.
FoundImageNumberThe position of the last image found, within a series of given images
GetOptionThe value of a given global property
GetOptionsThe values of all Run Option global properties or given global properties
ImageColorAtLocationThe color of the pixel at a given location within an image (Default: RGB value)
ImageFoundWhether a given image is found; True or false
ImageHotSpotThe location of the hot spot in the given image
ImageInfoAn image property list for the given image
ImageLocationThe hot spot location of the first occurrence of the given image or images
ImageRectangleThe rectangle coordinates of the first occurrence of the given image or images
ImageSizeAn image width and height in pixels
AllConnectionInfoA list of connection property lists for every SUT in the Connection List
MouseLocationCoordinates of the current mouse cursor location
OpenSuitesA list of all suites available to the current script
ReadCharactersReturns a character from a character collection as a string or multiline string
ReadTableThe table data found within a given rectangle on the SUT
ReadTextUses OCR to read the text content found within a given rectangle on the SUT
RemoteClipboardContents of the SUT clipboard
RemoteMonitorCount FunctionReturns the number of monitors associated with the current RDP connection
RemoteMonitorRectangle FunctionReturns the size of the specified monitor
RemoteMonitorSize FunctionReturns the rectangle of the specified monitor
RemoteScreenRectangleThe coordinates of a rectangle the size of the entire Viewer window
RemoteScreenSizeThe width and height of the Viewer window in pixels
RunningFromCommandLineWhether or not the current script run was called in a command line
ScriptResultsA results property list for every run of the given (or current) script
SuiteInfoA property list of information about the given suite (or current suite)

Deprecated Functions

Functions in the following table are deprecated and no longer supported; if an updated command or method is available, it is noted in the description.

FunctionBehavior and Alternatives
ADBCallExecutes ADB calls to available Android devices and returns any output. Instead, use the equivalent ADBCallRemote function.
FoundImageNameReturns the name of the last image found. Instead, use the FoundImageInfo function, which returns the imageName or imagePath as a parameter.